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Why is this person so obsessed with the fact that I don’t follow hem? They have brought it up in every single post they have made about me so far. Since when does that stop anyone for replying to anyone about anything.

I’ve already made it clear twice that I’m not pissed off at them disliking Jess, it’s how absurdly they feel the need to insult the intelligence, validity of perspective and experience of people for liking a fictional character, while implying they only like them because they get off in abusive people. Like who has time for this shit though? I’m done responding to this person, they’re not gonna realize their an ass who makes demeaning and then sexually aggressive comments towards women online just for having a different perspective on a fictional character than them, so life is too damn short to deal with it …

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It’s subtle but if you look closely someone cared enough about this meme to add the reflection of the text in the water.


It’s subtle but if you look closely someone cared enough about this meme to add the reflection of the text in the water.

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Don’t insult the personal real world character of people who like fictional characters  

I thought we would have learned this shit by now.

Criticize the character all you want, but don’t say the person is an idiot for liking them, don’t assume they don’t have valid, sound reasons for liking them, don’t imply that girls are vain, shallow and weak minded for liking any fictional character. Don’t assume they don’t have just as valid a perception as you.

I thought we would have learned this shit by now.

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everybody fucking cut it out ok

Except the view of the average misogynist is accurate.

…How do you know this?Is it just because it’s ‘common knowledge’ that “the average misogynist is a disgusting neckbeard”?

Look, this idea is actually pretty dangerous to women as a class. People already brush off rapist men because “oh but he’s such a nice boy,” “but he’s such a funny guy,” spreading the meme that the “average misogynist” is fat and ill-groomed and is embarrassing in public (and therefore will illicit disgust, hahahaha visceral disgust correlates with evil, this is totally not encouraging forms of bigotry that use disgust at “ugliness” to self-propagate, this is totally enlightened and progressive and not a horrifyingly medieval take on “how to tell someone is evil”) only HELPS TO HIDE the majority of misogynists, most of whom are already very good at using manipulative and abusive tactics to hide their worst qualities from society at large.

This kind of idea makes it harder to recognize that yes, that hilarious director, that actor or musician with the winning smile, really did do those horrible things.

And before anyone says it, yes I am a fucking girl. I’ve even had a guy who was, in fact, a literal brony-slash-anime-fanboy creep on me in college, getting weirdly personal-friendly with me and showing me his “waifus” when I only wanted to express a mutual interest in pastel horse worldbuilding. (Though, for accuracy’s sake, he looked more like this guy than like this guy.) But I think it’s scarier is I could have a conversation with a totally “normal” guy right afterwards, and have absolutely no idea if they saw me as a person, a vaguely sentient subhuman, or a piece of fucking meat. The socially-awkward nerd-subculture types are easy targets, but they’re not the root of misogyny, nor the most common or insidious vectors of it.

[This is in addition to, not as a replacement of, Roachpatrol’s original point, which is that it’s pretty shitty to say your idealogical enemies are ugly and loathesome-looking in order to make them them more hatable, especially whenever you rely on fatphobia to do so. You are basically saying “there is a positive correlation between being fat/ugly and being a horrible person” and that’s…messed up? I thought more people recognized this was messed up?]

Thanks, dude, this is a great take-down. Cruelty is insidious and utterly self-defeating to an equality movement—you go after the wrong targets, you start doing the easy thing instead of the right one. It’s fucked up. It’ll fuck you up. You have to keep in mind that even your enemies are people. 

Why the fuck do so many people think body-shaming is acceptable when it comes in this form? Probably cause they’re not even fucking thinking. THINK about your goddam “activism”. Like goddammit.



Apparently I’m a “misogynist” now for thinking that the whole Jess thing on Gilmore Girls is horrible. I am not even at the part where they’re dating, but it is obvious that he is an abusive person. Yes, I am a misogynist for thinking that it’s gross that people like an abusive fictional character…

Where the fuck are these rants about abusive persons when Dean Forester is on screen?

You can think whatever the fuck you want about Jess honestly, he’s a fictional character, I get really invested in shit but I stop caring after a certain point. But implying as you were that I (and other people like me) don’t have sound mind when we make our value judgements on fucking -fictional- characters, or decide who we do and don’t think exhibits abusive behaviors, often time based on our own real life experiences, and must just all be flighty brainless 12-year-old girls with a crush on a “bad boy who reads” is another damn thing. So fuck off.


ok but when i was younger derek from life with derek was so hot and tbh he still is



Okay so everyone is always talking about how much Lorelai hated Jess and how he and Rory could have never worked because of it, but can we talk about how much Lorelai HATED LOGAN!? Honestly, at least with Jess I think she knew that he loved Rory, but you can visibly see Lorelai cringe every time…


Yep. Starting a Rory/Jess playlist on Spotify. First song, “Almost Lover”.

Of it’s the same song that was one of the first ones I ever wanted to make a lit vid to :D

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